I have a love/hate relationship with words. Somedays we’re the best of friends. Other days we’re not even on speaking terms. Try as I may, I can’t seem to get away from the lure of words. I don’t consider myself a good writer. I’ve actually always found writing and reading a really difficult art but for me that is part of its appeal. Every time I write, I’m challenged. I strive to think, write and form written content that doesn’t justĀ makes sense, but is honest, open, critical and true to ‘my own voice’.

I love that words are such a simple and pure form of creating something, expressing yourself, telling a story and critically evaluating the world around you. I find words appealing in the same way that I find really great art appealing – it keeps me guessing, questioning, intrigued and captured in a place of wonderment.

This relationship with words first started in art school… I went to art school thinking that I would become a skilled painter but after just the first week I found myself pulled towards the Art History and Theory department. Finally by the end of 2nd year, and having completed a sculpture and installation one-on-one Directed Study with art legend John Barbour, I gave in to my inner art nerd and specialised in Art History and Theory department. I was lucky to have supervisors that gave me honest feedback. I’ll never forget Pam Zeplin saying in slight astonishment, “You’re not a very good writer, are you?” – I wasn’t. Hopefully I’ve improved since then. Even if just for Pam’s sake!

What was undeniable though was my passion for writing about forgotten history, ephemera, artists, artworks, movements, exhibitions and publications that shape both our past and present.

Now, whenever I try to make art, I end up making words. My excuse is that I can train my hand any time but there’s no time like the present to train my brain. Apparently the brain is the largest and biggest muscle in the body. So I guess it needs to be flexed on a daily basis? I suppose writing does that for me. I don’t write as much as I would like to but when I do write I remember why I do. Writing isn’t an easy art. It’s hard and it takes longer than you expect.

Featured here, is a selection of arts writing that I have produced for the purposes of publication online, in exhibition catalogues and magazines. These essays, reviews and articles may not have been easy to write but what a joy it was to be given the opportunity to develop my craft.